Halloween Birthday Party Planning: Costume

My son’s 2nd birthday is coming up fast and furiously – and as promised: I have another update on the planning for his birthday costume party. THE COSTUME!!! It’s silly, it’s funny, it’s super home made looking, but I like it.

As much as my husband and I said that we would work really hard to limit TV time, we give in way more than we intend to. G now loves Blue’s Clues. It was my mother’s suggestion to have him dress like Blue. Well, I said ok, but insisted on making a cute and minimal costume.

I started with a little white hoodie (couldn’t locate a light blue one) and decided to try my hand at dying it. I found some dye, but it turned out a lot more aqua than I intended. Ah, well. Then, using fabric glue and some dark blue felt I got at the fabric store, I glued some spots onto it randomly.

spotted hoodie

Next I used construction paper to draw the shape of the ears and tail. I then took light blue felt and pined the ‘pattern’ onto the felt. I did this twice for each ear (four times) and twice for the tail. Then I cut out the shape of the felt. For the ears, I took some pipe cleaners (also found at the fabric store) and hand sewed them into the edges of to ear pieces, to allow the ears to be shaped. I also stuffed the ears with some cotton balls before sewing them up, to give them some dimension. I stuffed the tail and sewed that together, too.


The final product is a bit jenky, but sweet. After the party, I will try to post the final product, along with my husbands “Steve” costume, and the paw prints that my parents and I will be wearing. I can’t wait!