Birthday 2012

I have a birthday coming up next week, and as I haven’t played around with a mood board in a while, I decided to give myself a little bday treat and place all the little things I want to do and get for myself next week in one spot. Yea for birthdays! Just to note: I firmly believe that it is your personal responsibility (not anyone else’s) to make your own birthday as special as you can.

1. Would love to try my hand at dying some Easter eggs the natural way via Apartment Therapy 2. Excited to bake these amazing looking g-free and vegan Black Bean Chocolate Chili Cherry Cookies 3. Having a spring birthday, I always love to try to buy myself some new sandals: Dolce Vita Women’s Eileen Wedge Sandal (these are pretty hot in red, too.) 4. I think that I will pretend I am a little younger than I am and give myself a tredy mani this week (like this)! 5. Have been searching for something like these LITTLE ARCHES earrings for a while. Just perfect.  6. Lastly, I want to do some work on my kitchen makeover (sorry March deadline!) by spraying a stool hot red-orange (inspired by this is…) and if I can swing it –– add a new island from Ikea.

The Urban Biker: Equipment

In an effort to be time efficient, healthier, and at the same time greener – I am considering becoming a bike commuter. From my house to my office, it’s about an 8 mile ride along a beautiful lake front bike path. Why haven’t I worked up the courage/energy/equipment to start doing this yet??? Well, I am working on all these things. But, let’s start with the fun stuff: The Equipment.

1. Bell Citi Bike Helmet seems to get some good reports online. I find helmets to be so ugly, but especially in the city, very necessary. ($39.95)

2. I have an old mountain bike, and a super cool vintage bike. Neither of these bikes are good for 16 miles of riding per day. Perhaps I can sell both of these bikes to get something that is sturdy, and has a comfy seat. Something like this beautiful Schwinn? ($349.99)

3. Some washable gloves to help with vibrations and to wipe away some sweat. ( $13.11)

4. The ensemble doesn’t have to be crazy cute, but is should be comfy and presentable, right? What about some Swrve bamboo v-necks and water and wind repellent bike knickers? (I love that those pants are described to have “articulated knees for comfort on a bike or barstool”.) ($90 for 3 shirts + $90 for knickers = $180)

5. Of course I will need some waterproof bicycle panniers for hauling a change of clothes, makeup and such. Why are these so pricey? I did see some DIY options out on the internet, but nothing that ended up looking very great. Regardless, I hear that no matter how water proof they claim to be, that you should like with plastic bags just to be safe. Here are some nice ones. ($120)

6. A good cable lock will be a priority. ($39.95)

So this means that for less than $750 (minus whatever I can sell my current two bikes for), I too can become a bike commuter. Weeeee!

Dear Santa, 2010:

Dear Santa:

It’s just little ol’ me again, hoping for some material items to magically appear under my Christmas tree this year. Why do I deserve your generosity this year? Well, here goes:

  • I have worked hard to educate myself this year on all things social media. I can now read a Tweet, update my WordPress blog (obviously), annoy all my friends and acquaintances with frequent Facebook updates, and have even become a member of and am experimenting with the usefulness of this new thing Pinterest. Yes, ok – all this has been enjoyable for me, but I do feel like it will be a big part of our future, and I want to know as much as I can.
  • I have been a decent mom to G. I am a disciplinarian when I need to be, but I really try to be a good teacher and friend, too.
  • I have been faithful to the Gluten free diet all year long.
  • I have worked hard to be the best me I can be.

So here’s my list:

Apple iPad

Vintage specks (ebay has tons!)

Conair Tourmaline Ionic Styler

Nifty Fifty

Date night with my man at Stephanie Izzard's Girl & The Goat

A Sweater

My love to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer,


Etsy Back-To-School Shopping

This time of year always gives me the itch to do some back-to-school shopping for myself – even though it’s been many years since I have actually attended school. What better place to start then to support those great hard working artists of Etsy?

For starters, I will for sure need a new lunch bag that has some style.

Patchwork Scooter

A new iPhone case that can keep my transit card handy will be mighty useful.


How about a shiny new graphic mouse pad to update my desk?

Shim and Sons

…and a couple of sweet new colorful notepads would also spruce up my space.

Crab Apple Design

Did you know that you could find cowboy boots on Etsy? Now we both do!

Foxy Brit Vintage

Then of course, what Fall season isn’t complete without a new little Jacket to ease you into cooler temps.


Crispy White Relaxation

Like the rest of the world, I have been so busy these days. My goal of a daily post gets sidetracked sometimes as I scoot through real life. Today, I will take a deep mental breath and dream of a relaxing moment, if only in my dreams… Just three little things that I wish for my weekend.

Votivo Clean Crisp White Candle

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body & Bath Collection

Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Resistant Broadcloth Pajamas

Hallway Light

Our designer neighbors are selling off everything they own right now and moving on. I am obsessing over the hallway light that they are selling. I know that it will work perfectly, as their condo is a carbon copy of our own. Am I being silly, or is it as amazing as I think it is? They want to give me a really good price for it, it is so bright in that space – but not too bright, and I just love it.

Even though the price is great, I have been working to do other projects with the money. What should I do?