Another New E-mag Plus A Printed Entry

I have waxed on a bit about the new trend of e-mags and my fascination with them (here I wrote about Lonny, Nonpareil Magazine, and here about Rue, Sweet Paul. Have I read them regularly? Well, I had totally forgotten about Nonpareil until this moment, and have been entertain on a quick, but only one time scan of the others. The first guy – Lonny, has come up on my radar a few times after that first read and is fast becoming a fave.

Now, the intro of a brand new shelter e-mag (Covet Garden) makes me feel a bit overloaded and surprised. It looks good, and just different enough from the others to be interesting enough to add to my ‘keep them on my radar’ list.

What I find so interesting about all of this is the evolution that the economy is taking this. The introduction of more pervasive technology is another factor, I think. But then – what’s this? Wha-la! A brand new print pub??? Verrrry innersting. Anthology Magazine:

A Couple of New E-mags


Sweet Paul

You have heard me mention here before that I am very curious about the evolution of print. A couple of e-mags came into my world this week, that I am very excited about and I thought I would share. Rue just launched its first issue yesterday, and is made for a little home-stuff loving novice blogger like myself. Sweet Paul launched last spring, but is just making its way to me now. I am so looking forward to the Fall issue which should be out any day now.

The first e-mag of the bunch (at least to my knowledge) Lonny, has made some changes recently to the function of their site, and is offering a printed version on request. To get a copy is costly (around $35), but the price should drop soon they say. It’s all so very interesting to me.

A new role for print

I just read this great thought by Pentagram about the future of print media and love it! I feel like things are finally sort of starting to come together in my head. Very exciting stuff. (Preorders for the iPad coming soon. I would be crazy to buy the first round, right? … right??)

New York Matrix

If digital magazines with rich, uncompromised, real-time content corner the market on delivering what you need to know right now, what’s the point of print? I think that the publications that end up enduring will be the ones that exploit what print alone can do. The best ones will be things that you want to save, not toss in the recycling bin. They’ll project a sense of craftsmanship and permanence. And each one should be an object that just feels terrific in your hand. If you’re spending most of your free-time holding an iPad, you just might welcome a change of pace.

Internet Magazines

I am very interested in how an internet magazine might work. (I love and have high hopes for the eventual tablet model.)

So far, I haven’t seen the perfect online incarnation, but there are a few that I have come across that I give a big, capital letter E for Effort.

There is the existing print media’s online version: Zinio


Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

And the brand new, pretty cool: Nonpareil Magazine

Nonpareil Magazine

The (possible) future of print media

Here’s a fascinating look about the possible future of the print media industry, and a video of what it will very likely end up looking like.

I am both scared and excited. Big changes are afoot for this coming decade. I think once the dust settles, it will be a good thing. But – until then, it sure is dusty in here.

So long – 00’s!

Thinking a lot about the aughts, and what this decade and seen and meant – as many of you are as well, I am sure. This is a pretty interesting article by New York magazine that kind of pulled some ideas together for me.

New York magazine, 12/14/09