Urban Weeds: Street Style from Portland Oregon: T on NW Nicolai…

Urban Weeds: Street Style from Portland Oregon: T on NW Nicolai...

Warby Parker

Have you found the Warby Parker? It’s been all around the blogsters. Just pick out five frames, they send them to you for free in a box, you check ’em out, and then send them back. All free. So fun! I, of course, picked 5 that could almost be the exact same pair. BUT, they are different enough. What do you think? Which one works for me? Or should I send ’em back and try again?

February Photo A Day: DAY 29

Well Fat Mum Slim? It’s been real, and it’s been fun. Let’s just say it’s been real fun. However, now it is high time to conclude this photo a day challenge. Woot! Let’s end it with a song, shall we? I little made up one sung to me by my amazing boy this morning, as we stacked some cards and ate some breakfast. Cheers!

Polyvore: Early Fall Wedding Outfit

You got to love the Polyvore for quick, easy, and fun idea boards. My best friend’s wedding is coming up, and I have been tormenting myself about what I should wear. I need something that I feel GREAT in, and has a summer meets fall vibe. Here is my strongest contender so far:

Polyvore Play

This site gives you an easy and free way to put together mood boards. Fun and I like the social aspect. Must play more to be satisfied with the result. Of all of the above, I really just want those shoes. I have been craving yellow sandals for some reason. Have you tried this? What did you think?

Sassy In The Springtime

The style bug has overtaken me once again, and I felt compelled to create some spring looks using my new current color crush: cloud blue with gold accents. Yum! This gray and black loving girl is feeling a little saucy with the new sunshine! Flowers? Why not!? Enjoy!

1. Etsy’s Mae Day Design: Light Blue Chalcedony Briolette Dangle Earring Gold

2. Banana Republic: Gemma wrap dress

3. Anthropologie: Hatshepsut Bangle

4. Frye: Carlie Hurache Ankle in Mustard Yellow

5. Awesome Blue Polish Choices From All Lacquered Up (The one that stands out to me: Essie Sag Harbor)

6. Banana Republic: Alicia silk printed patio dress

Chic for Cheap Fall 2010

I have always wanted to do one of these mood boards that put together a super outfit on a budget. However, I am no major fashionista, and I tend to shy away from all color in clothes, so I just haven’t done it. I got the shopping bug today though, and decided to give it a whirl. This is totally me right now – shiny flats with stretchy skinny jeans, a vintage inspired cardigan along with some eye catching, yet still somewhat simple accessories. I would wear all of this with a messy bun.

Gap Long wool open cardigan

Payless Dazzle Flat

Forever 21 Super Stretchy Ankle Jeans

Old Navy Women’s Pointelle-Trim Cardigans

Forever 21 Beautiful Layered Necklace

Forever 21 Fabulous Hoop Earrings

Aldo AMMONDS, Silver

GRAND TOTAL: $130.58

Greige bag!!!

My mother’s birthday is today, so she is out shopping with her mother today. Along their way – they found the bag I have been drooling over on sale – and BOUGHT IT FOR ME! Wow! So nice to be known, and loved.

Thanks, MOM! Happy birthday to you (and to me, apparently)!!!

Clothing causing lightheadedness

Every now and then I come across a clothing boutique (on or off line) that is perfectly curated for my mood. This crazy cool and expensive Canadian site takes my breath away and makes be hyperventilate a little bit. Enjoy!