Social Media Fun

Know who I love (and love to tease?) My husband, of course! I’m not the only one. Lots of our friends like to lovingly rib the poor guy. His Facebook wall is littered with images of Unicorns (they were his high school mascot), Jellyfish (they make him uneasy), Robyn Williams (very uneasy), etc. People love to tease him about the many things thatĀ unnerveĀ or annoy him. The list is long. (Giraffes? Yep.)

This kind of thing really calls for a Tumblr site, I’d say. Feel free to join in the fun!

Wow! Lookie Me! (Ci.3)

Besides a new header now and again, it’s been over a year since I gave The Ci a fresh, clean set of sheets. When I do, I think about diving into some real programming lessons for myself and CSS this mother out. I haven’t found the time or energy to go THERE just yet, but here we are with a brand new look for her. Welcome to Ci.3! I hope you like.

Blog Exchange

One of my fave boho bloggers started this blog exchange today. Nothing new or different than anyone else I’m sure, but the Ci world has been extra crazy busy closing out this beautiful summer. I first thought, OH, I have haven’t been looking at any new blogs! But, the more I thought about it, and perused my reader, the more I realize that isn’t true. I have stumbled upon some new (to me) gems recently. I just haven’t had the time to dig into them as thoroughly has I would like. YET. Here are some of them. If you would like to join in and share 3 of your own and link or list them here – that would be swell!

Spoon Fork Bacon

Kendi Everyday

The Marion House Book

In With The New (Ci.2)

The Ci blog started a while ago. Her anniversaries come and go without much fanfare around here. I ignore and abuse her regularly – but still, here she sits. Waiting for me happily for when I feel compelled to use her.

I have been wanting to show a little love in the form of updating the old girl for a while. So – allow me to present: Ci.2. New and improved. Peaceful and loved.


Blog Crush: Jeremy & Kathleen

Ever read 3+ year old blog from past to present like a book? Well, I can now say I have. And it was fun. Like watching reality television, sort of. Kathleen seems like such a fun person, and her style is so awesome. But it’s really her design aesthetic I find so breathtaking. I feel so bad that I didn’t leave one comment. I just was enjoying be a complete voyeur.

Doing this has really helped me think about my progression with this here bloggity that I have been paying such little attention to these days. I want to do a redesign of not only the look, but also I would love to give a little more focus to my content. Be on the lookout for this to come soon.


Homey Blog-A-Raga-Ding-Dang

I was asked by a friend what great home blogs they should be reading. Since I have this list compiled now, I thought I would share it with you. Happy reading! – Kelly

The Big Home Blogs:

My Must Read Blogs:

Extra Credit:

Alternative Media

I am sad that I haven’t been posting much. The Chicago media climate (!*&!), being a busy working mom to an almost 3 year old (!), keeping my marriage strong and happy (<3), trying not to ignore my friends and family who keep me going ((((hugs)))), and just keeping up with the laundry (blech) have all made any extras a bit tough. When that happens, this blog turns into more of a Tumblr site with photos just rolling along. Not such a terrible thing, I suppose.

The good news about this crazy media stuff happening all around me? I have finally given in and understand (and am sort of obsessing over) Twitter. As a news source, I am finding it very useful. It’s not just about hearing things celebrity’s are doing!!! What a relief!

Another thing to come out of it was a term I heard just today: Blogs are Alternative Media. I really like that. It helps me fit things into much needed catagories, while giving blogs a bit of importance and weight. Print can live for its purposes, and so can digital. I really like that.

Anyway – I am off to jump back on the roller coaster – but I leave you with this beautiful scene.



The Chicago Skyline, waves crashing on Fullerton Ave beach.