About Me


You know what is really big? The internet. There are so many ideas out there. There are good ones, great ones, and lots and lots of bad ones. Thankfully there are sites that may help you collect those ideas you want to remember. This is mine.

My name is Kelly and I live on the Northside of Chicago with my husband and 11 year old son. I love being a mom. I love Chicago. I love good design. I love thinking about and working in the ever evolving world of media, digital networks, and pop culture. And, I love to read blogs. I was so inspired by the blogs that I loved, that in October of 2009, I started this one. (This was just before Pinterest first launched – which was the idea collector that I was very much looking for at the end of 2009 – but has become a bit overwhelming to me at this point.)

I believe that all new and creative thinking is inspired by other’s creative thinking and then enhanced. Here you will find a collection of thoughts and ideas that have inspired me – along with what those inspirations may or may not have turned into.

I hope that you might come across something here and are inspired with some new ideas of your own. If that happens, let me know! I would love to hear about it – so leave a comment or email me at collectedideas [at] me [dot] com.