Office For My Friend

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 9.28.32 AM

There is little I like better than when a friend says to me: I have this decor/clothing issue that I would love ideas about. Recently, my friend Joni told me that she has a new office to match her new exciting job as a college counselor. The office currently has couple of standard navy guest chairs, and the standard other things a college office might have.

I turned to IKEA – who always saves the day for me, to create a little sanctuary for her. With the addition of natural fibers (some faux), greenery (here – all faux), and some peaceful art, these additions will make for a calm and soothing environment. A side table to rest a drink on and a light that will also charge her device complete the look.

You’re going to be great, Joni!!!

Nesting tables, set of 3 – $59.99

Cushion cover, sheepskin white – $29.99

Picture, sunrise – $29.99

Tray, black, gray – $4.99

Coaster, cork – $1.99  / 2 pack

LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white – $69.99

Vase and 6 scented sticks, Blossoming bergamot, gray – $5.99

Artificial potted plant, indoor/outdoor fiddle-leaf fig – $49.99

Plant pot, water hyacinth, gray  – $24.99

Artificial potted plant with pot, indoor/outdoor Succulent – $9.99  / 3 pack


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