Minimal Wardrobe Project: Summer 2015

summer cap

I have really been enjoying this exercise! It’s a snap to get ready in the morning, a breeze to pack for a trip, and pretty good on the pocketbook. I started this spring with my Minimal Wardrobe Project, and I am excited to keep it up for the summer, with a few revisions.

As before, if you see anything above that you may be interested in researching further, you can probably find it somewhere on my Pinterest boards.

The whole thing worked pretty well this spring, but there are a few changes I’d like to make this go around. First off: shoes. I have decided that they are accessories to me (I don’t include accessories in my final 40). Taking shoes out of the final 40 gives me a few more items in the wardrobe while still feeling minimal. This makes me happy and that’s the point of this whole thing, right?

So the big thing this time is the numbers, rather than the specifics I think. Many items will stay the same, while I can shop through my stored items, replace some things that are getting worn out, and buy a few things to round out the collection. (I have a collection!) So in the graphic above, you’ll see some question marks. Those questions could end up evolving a bit throughout the summer. The main thing for me right now is being strict about the final number.

So without further ado, here’s the final 40:

– 10 (or 8) layering pieces (5 blazers, 5 cardigans. I may take 1 of each of these out to add a couple more dresses. I love dresses for the summer, so it may be worth it.)
– 6 bottoms (includes skirts, pants, and maybe a jumpsuit. I KNOW!)
– 6 (or 8) dresses (this one must be carefully considered.)
– 15 tops (this is where a lot of the shoe inventory went to, as I know now that I need lots of top options.)
– 3 outerwear (I live in Chicago, people. It still can get cold in the summer, and this needs to last through September!)

There you have it! Let’s do this thing! (again)

Summer capsule

Main Accessories

  • D’orsay flats*
  • Straw Hat*
  • White Converse*
  • Coral-Colored Scarf

5 Blazers

  • white
  • black
  • red
  • beige
  • gray?

5 Cardigans

  • yellow
  • black basic
  • black with pleather accent
  • cream/white
  • ?*

6 bottoms

  • Old Nave Sweetheart Jeans
  • Old Nave Rock Star Jeans
  • Black Waxed Jeans*
  • Black legging Jeans*
  • Striped Skirt
  • Cami Jumpsuit*

6 dresses

  • Floral Maxi
  • Black Sleeveless A-line
  • Chambray Dress
  • Hot Pink Strappy dress
  • Black and white patterned dress
  • ?

15 tops

  • 5 tanks
  • 1 message-y shirt
  • 2 nice short-sleeved white t’s*
  • 1 nice black t*
  • 3 patterned, short sleeve shirts
  • 3 dressy tops

3 outerwear

  • Denim Jacket
  • Pleather Biker Jacket
  • Rain Coat

*to buy

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