Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe #1: SPRING 2015

First and foremost: I am not and will never be a ‘style blogger’. I am uncomfortable with posting daily photos of myself, so you won’t be getting that from me either. That doesn’t mean that I don’t follow a few with great delight and interest. A couple of the ones I really love include Kendi Everyday and Unfancy. (They both seem like such nice ladies!)

It was Unfancy that introduced me to the idea of a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of which I found super intriguing. In researching, it seems this idea has been around for a while and finessed by various bloggers that I came across. The basic idea is to take a number and make your wardrobe consist of only that many items, but to be sure to really love each and every item. I decided to take it on my own spin for this spring, and see how if fits for me.

I have seen the others some up with different numbers – but I like Unfancy’s loose rules of ‘do what feels right’. In putting things together, I decided I would adopt the loose rules, and to take on the number 40 (that’s my magic number this year). That number excludes accessories, workout wear, underthings, and pj’s.  It comprises shoes, work wear, casual wear, and fancy-time wear.

The goal of this project for many folks is to keep from making a ton of impulse purchases and shop only a little every three months. Although I am all for saving money, it’s not really the main thing that appeals to me about this project. What appeals to me is that this seems a great way to streamline your look and really nail down your style. I feel like I am getting it back a little, but that for the last 5-10 years (maybe when I became a mom?) my style seemed unpinnable. I wonder if this will help?

I can’t wait to clean the closet this weekend, start donating all thing things on the ‘do not LOVE’ list, and packing up and storing the rest. So without further blah blah blah, here is my much thought about first minimal capsule wardrobe for the Spring of 2015!

spring cap

You can find links to purchase most of these things here. I tried really hard to use most of what I already own and love. You can see a few things with red stars that I still want to buy, but haven’t had the chance/budget quite yet. Here’s the breakout:

New hair: Not a part of the final number, but I thought it might be time to kick some style into my ‘do to match my spring look!

Main accessories: Even though they are also not a part of the final number, I want to have an idea of what will be the main ‘go to’s’ for this capsule.

7 Cardigans and Blazers: Not only are layers a necessity in the questionable Chicago spring weather – but I have figured out recently, that’s just what I am comfortable wearing! (Why did it take me so long to consciously realize that?) I hope that 7 will be a good number for this. We shall see.

5 Bottoms: I’m not gonna lie – this seems like a very small amount of go to bottoms, and I worry it won’t be enough. Again, we shall see.

5 Dresses: I’m hoping that having 5 dresses in the rotation will help with the low amount of bottoms. Also, this is where the more ‘fancy-time’ looks will come in. I am still looking for the perfect, nice LBD to round this out.

12 Tops: This is a pretty high number, but where a lot of the color and contrast will hopefully come in.

2 Outerwear: I almost added a moto-jacket to this, as I have been kind of wanting one, but that number ’40’, she’s coming! Also, that’s just not in the budget just yet.

9 Shoes: I almost want to treat shoes as an accessary, but NO – I will not. I think that this covers all my shoe needs and will be fun to have the limits. The question I am grappling with is that some of these are starting to show a lot of wear, and I have some possible replacements picked out. Should I allow for purchases during this time frame? Not sure.

And that’s it! Let’s do this thing!

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