Balcony Garden 2014

garden 2014
It seems I do this once a year, but skipped last year. I get to planning new things for my back deck. This year seems especially exciting after the awful winter we just had!
In keeping with my #96 in my #100in500 goals, I am going to get an electrician to come and light my outdoor world! At first I was thinking chandelier, but being how this is the windy city, perhaps something a little closer to home might work better. I can add as many twinkle lights as my heart desires though, right?
So here it is! The 2014 back deck plan with budget! The big bucks will go towards the cushions and pillows, but that’s where I think it should go! I want to spend as much cozy time in nice weather as possible this summer. I love that they all match, but are not totally matchy-matchy. It reminds me of a little “Mixing Patterns” post I did a while ago. Also going to try for a little privacy garden wall using the Ikea Socker. Not convinced this is the final solution, but interested to see.
I may keep my current run, but it could use a little refreshing, and this could be just the ticket.

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