Kindergartner’s Chore Chart

A couple of years ago (almost to the day!) I created a preschooler chore chart for my boy. It worked pretty well, and was fun exercise for awhile. Now that he is a big boy of 6 – it’s about time it was updated! If you are looking for one yourself, has a really cool one. But, of course I wanted to tweak it for our needs, so created this bad boy. As is, the kid can earn up to $3.00 per week at this time – (a 1/3 to save, a 1/3 to donate, and 1/3 to spend, just like before.) There are daily chores, and then (as much as it pains me) there are various “he’ll have to learn before he moves on from our home” chores. Saturdays are somewhat tricker life practice chores that are once a month only that we can work on together. Sunday is a free day! So far he has been really liking the responsibility! Let’s see how far we can go!!!



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