Advent 2013


I have (not always successfully) been trying to simplify things these days. So this year, advent is going to get a little simpler than the last few years around here. This year, I am going to use up the bags I have left over from last year – and hang up on a wall. In a Christmas three shape? Maybe. In each bag will be a little chocolate or treat, along with something that I love, admire, and/or appreciate about my son. Ahhh. Here’s to simplicity! Cheers!

Here’s a sneak peak:

  1. That he loves to learn street names and cares about how he gets places
  2. That he loves broccoli
  3. His handwriting
  4. His great cuddles
  5. That he loves Classical Music and Hot Tea
  6. That he’s a morning person
  7. That he remembers the little details of things
  8. That he always, always washes his hands after using the restroom
  9. That he is always rethinking what he will be when he grows up
  10. That he is reading Moby Dick with his father – and that he loves to read in general
  11. That he helps me make great fort
  12. That he takes public transit like a champ!
  13. That he is a very loyal friend
  14. That he is a good dinner conversationalist.
  15.  That he loves a long bath.
  16.  That he plays video games with his pops.
  17.  That he always asks great questions
  18.  That he likes to sing.
  19.  That he is always working on his story.
  20.  That he is such a great swimmer.
  21.  That he loves Lake Michigan, the beach and the water.
  22.  That he is so very sweet with all animals.
  23.  That he is so curious about everything.
  24.  That he likes to tell knock-knock jokes.

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