Back in January, 2011 – I wrote was trying out a fun little visual diary and wrote this.


Friday, 1.21.11: Ok, hear me out here – this is going to get a little kooky. Many, many years ago, I let myself smoke cigarettes. Don’t worry; I don’t let myself do so anymore. BUT, when I did, I had a very cherished possession: a Zippo lighter with a sterling silver cover which had the Mayan calendar design on it. I would spend a lot of time looking at this calendar, thinking about it, and loving it. December 21, 2012 – the end of that calendar, seemed a thousand lifetimes away. But, now – it’s almost tomorrow. What does it mean? I can’t even begin to tell you what you should think it means, but to me – well… I just feel change coming. Not necessarily bad change. Just… Change. This kind of news story sets my mind a blazing, and my fingers a googling.

Now… December 21, 2012 IS tomorrow. I still feel now more than ever that things are shifting. Tilting, and turning.

Cheers to the good parts of that.

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