Why I Decided To Go To My 20th High School Reunion And Why Social Media Is Devolving (At Least For Me)

That’s me on the left in the Girbaud jeans and bright white Keds – 20 years ago. Man, I had a lot of confidence for a 17 year old! Fast forward to now, and I am feeling strongly that whatever I choose to wear to the reunion, and however I look, is going to be judged, judged, judged. Oh, the irony.

Let me back up. It took me a gross amount of soul-searching and navel gazing to figure out if I would actually haul my cookies all the way to Texas to do this thing. I had pretty much decided that the time and money just weren’t worth it to me. I see (or hide) many of those folks on Facebook already. Why spend a night at the Lazy L&L Campground (yes, you read that right) talking about each other, to each other in person? Hasn’t that already been covered with social media at this point? It made me shiver in discomfort just at the thought.

Well… then something happend. I had a cherished but not kept in touch with (except on Facebook) high school friend die of cancer this week. Watching her physical demise and subsequent death on social media was excruciating. I considered flying home to reconnect and tell her I loved her in person – but I didn’t. And then I heard that the brunette in the photo above was going to be at the reunion. At one time we were so close, and yet I haven’t talk to her since high school. She isn’t on social media. In fact, all of the girls above, save one whom I JUST came in contact with recently, are not connected to me in any social media way. How can I miss this opportunity to see their smiles, hear their stories first hand, and perhaps introduce them to my son?

My relationship with social media has been constantly changing and evolving. You just need to look back at this blog to see some of that evolution. However, this week I have had a dramatic change of perception with it. I miss and want to work on more human contact. I crave it.

Anyway, a long rambly post for me (with the longest title I think I have ever used). The point is (I think), that I am always working towards a balance of moderation. The lesson for me here is this: less social media, more quality personal time. That’s not to say that social media leaves me altogether! No way! How would I ever have found the photo above… Or this one:

Same long lost friends. Same old Girbauds… WTF am I going to wear to this reunion???

2 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Go To My 20th High School Reunion And Why Social Media Is Devolving (At Least For Me)

  1. Wait? You mean we can’t wear Girbauds? Well dang it! Now what the heck am I gonna wear!? 🙂 JK … Eh, Don’t sweat it. Personally, I’m dustin’ off the old circus tent and adding some baubles. Baubles draw the eye and I am confident will neatly disguise the 80 or so pounds I’ve added since our “glory” days at least that is what I keep telling myself. It’s worked so far and kept my daily xanax intake to a minimum so I’m sticking with it! 🙂

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