The Sigh

I used to be such a voracious reader of print magazines. I loved to rip pages out constantly and had a big fat file folder of ideas that inspired me enough to want to keep handy. It was cumbersome that folder. It was always needing to be cleaned out, updated, organized. So I thought, “I know – I will start a blog. It will be a great place to store and collect ideas!” And Collected Ideas was born – inspired in part by a DIY bow that I wanted to remember and try to recreate. (Which I did, many times, btw – even though I don’t think I ever blogged about it.) It’s happend again and again. Things that turn up here inspire me to actually do and create some stuff! It’s been great for me!

Fast forward 3 years and I still love magazines. I just don’t read quite as many print ones as I used to. That doesn’t mean that my consumption of information hasn’t increased exponentially though! Things have evolved with the way I think and feel about media, blogs, and the internet. First off:  with the creation of Pinterest, I don’t really need to post every little idea that I come accross on this blog in order to remember it. I just add it to one of my boards:

Maybe I should totally ding them for stealing my idea! Ha  – just kidding. Pinterest was just a very needed product for organizing the mass amounts of information that we are lucky enough to be exposed to these days. But it changed my original idea behind this blog. So, what is this blog about, anyway? (For that matter, what is this rambling post about?)

This is what I have decided (as of today, March 1, 2012 – anyway). This is my space. My ideas. My quick lunch time or after my son’s bedtime reprieve. A place that I call my own and can be in my own thoughts. All the while hoping that somehow in doing so, I can be a little inspirational to someone else. If I can be – then I will feel that it is a little tiny payback for all of the bloggers who have inspired me. Collected ideas, The Ci as I sometimes call it, This is my little sigh of relief. And it’s not going anywhere for now.

Oh, and speaking of those bloggers, why don’t you go give some of my favorites some love by voting over at AT’s Homie Awards.

One thought on “The Sigh

  1. I have to comment that I have left out a bunch of ideas regarding what I have heard referred to as “Pintergate”. Lately Pinterest is running up against a lot of arguments that it violates copy write laws. Smarter folks than I have taken to talking to that. I am still forming opinions at this time – but will say that I think these are very valid concerns.

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