2011 Resolution Score Card + 2012 Resolutions

Here it is again! Yipes! For the third year in a row, I am going to publicly display my New Year resolutions here on the Ci. In retrospect, last year‘s were a little ho hum – however, I am bringing them all back, so here we go again!

1. Be healthier: I did try to ‘be healthier’ this year. I continued on the with the gluten free diet. Whenever I did ‘cheat’, I felt sluggish and bad, so I do feel like it’s a diet that works for me. Also, inspired by Miss Goop, I attempted a spring and a fall cleanse. It was pretty restrictive, but with some updates, I would like to it again. This cleanse attempts to eliminate all potential allergens to your diet: dairy, caffeine, and alcohol to name a few broad things. Also, along with watching those things, I will do only liquid breakfast (smoothies) and dinner (soups). This cleanse will last for the duration of 4 weeks each time. I am also starting to do some regular yoga this year! Woot!

2. Enroll my son in at least one fun extracurricular class. Done and done! He is 4 and is almost able to swim on his own now! I would love to also get him into some sort of tumbling class this year.

3. Expand my career in a digital direction. This was a dream last year, but that dream has now become a necessity. Good thing I like it, and am very excited about it! I can’t wait to see what I will have to say about this in a year.

4. Work on a special project with my husband: A public recipe website. Oy. Fail. I made “The Worthy Kitchen” live, but have failed to cultivate and work on this project. I need too many extra hours in the day right now to make it a priority. Perhaps someday? Perhaps not? I don’t know. Maybe this should be a print project? That sure would be fun. Hmmmm.

5. Cook more. Done! I am sooo excited to report that I have actively taken over cooking for our household 3 nights a week! I know that doesn’t sound like much, but going from zero cooking to finally getting to a point where I look forward to making food is wonderful! My husband keeps telling me he’s impressed with my menus and food. That alone is enough to keep me motivated. 🙂

6. Travel to Texas and Portland sometime this year. I made it to both states this year. (Yes, I just called Portland a state.) I even went to Texas three separate times this year. All of the trips revolved around a wedding (my best friend got married!) and a funeral (my beloved grandmother, who was also a very dear friend, passed away this year.) This is a bitter sweet resolution to celebrate obviously. I want to go to both places again this year, and look forward to being a little more calm in the process. And bonus?  I am going to take my son to New York City this year and show him the sites. I know it’s no Chicago – but it should be a pretty fun trip.

7. Come up with a way to speed though some of the list. Fail Fail Fail. I don’t know what happened. I used to LOVE to read. I still do! I just have such a hard time motivating myself to fit it into my life. Trying to not feel defeated by this.

8. Be the best me I can be. I like to think that I am like a decent bottle of wine. You have to know a little bit about wine to really notice any difference between me and the Three Buck Chuck. But if you know – than you know that you just got something a little special. Something that is getting better and better with a little age.

There it is! Hope to see you around these parts next year for further updates in ’12!


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