2011 Visual Diary: Week 4

Ooo-kay. I must admit, this week was a little tougher with this diary project. I think it’s because my head was so far up into a work project. I spent A LOT of time thinking about the future of media. How do we read social and news media in the future? How does that work digitally? Anyway, you’ll see. It was on my mind a lot this week. Makes for interesting times in my own head, but for a visual diary submission? Not so inspiring. Ah, well. To make things more interesting for myself, I have gone vertical this week. It’s like a party on my blog.

Saturday, 1.22.11: The big guns came out to finish the big dryer lent project of 2011. (see 1.8.11) They opened up the ceiling and in short, created a big ol’ mess. So, while they did this, off and away my son and I went to Navy Pier. It turned out to be a wonderful time. He got to ride on the Thomas train several times, had a blast at the Children’s Museum, and eat a special fast food treat he calls “Old McDonalds”. When we got home, the project was done, cleaned up, and hopefully this will be the last we speak of it.

Sunday, 1.23.11: A conflict occurred at the Ci house today. One of us needed to take the boy out to the ‘burbs to a kid’s sledding party, and one of us had to stay home to attend the yearly condo association board member voting meeting. Guess which one I got stuck with? I decided to make lemonade with this unusual free and quiet time, and did one of my favorite things. I moved and reorganized the bookshelf. AGAIN. By color. I find that folks either really love or absolutely abhore this look. I like it. For now.

Monday, 1.24.11: And now we get into the work week, and my brain is obsessed with one question: The next great digital news aggregator, what is it?

Tuesday, 1.25.11: I go to Facebook, and I ask the question: How do you read your news? I get more comments, response, and interaction to this question than I have ever received before. This is a hot button for sure. It needs a solution.

Wednesday, 1.26.11: I turn in a proposal to a major national news organization (disclosure: they sign my paycheck), for a new media application.

Thursday, 1.27.11: I ask my son if he likes it when people shorten his name to a nickname. The 3-year-old boy says, “Nope – and that’s the end of that story.” I love that kid.

Friday, 1.28.11: I realize that the proposal I submitted for a new media app is something that is already in progress within the company – if fact, it should launch in just a few days. Oh, well. It was fun to put myself out there with this, and maybe I helped to refine this initiative. As my dad so eloquently put, “Sometimes you’re the chicken, and sometimes you’re the egg.”

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