Alternative Media

I am sad that I haven’t been posting much. The Chicago media climate (!*&!), being a busy working mom to an almost 3 year old (!), keeping my marriage strong and happy (<3), trying not to ignore my friends and family who keep me going ((((hugs)))), and just keeping up with the laundry (blech) have all made any extras a bit tough. When that happens, this blog turns into more of a Tumblr site with photos just rolling along. Not such a terrible thing, I suppose.

The good news about this crazy media stuff happening all around me? I have finally given in and understand (and am sort of obsessing over) Twitter. As a news source, I am finding it very useful. It’s not just about hearing things celebrity’s are doing!!! What a relief!

Another thing to come out of it was a term I heard just today: Blogs are Alternative Media. I really like that. It helps me fit things into much needed catagories, while giving blogs a bit of importance and weight. Print can live for its purposes, and so can digital. I really like that.

Anyway – I am off to jump back on the roller coaster – but I leave you with this beautiful scene.



The Chicago Skyline, waves crashing on Fullerton Ave beach.

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