Summer Backyard Condo Party

My neighbors (and Mother Nature) have been working really hard to make our shared backyard BEAUTIFUL this year!

What a better way to celebrate summer than to organize a big summer party in that beautiful yard for all my friends and neighbors? Here is what I will need:

INVITATIONS: I love the Evite! I actually use it very, very often. Probably too often. (I am kind of embarrassed about this, but I even used it for my wedding invites 9 years ago when it was still fairly new.) I just find it so nice and convenient for folks to get to see others’ responses and keep all the party info shared in one location. As much as I love printed cards and invites – this just makes way to much sense! BUT, there are some who are not into anything digital related, so I will probably post some pretty fliers inspired by the Evite around the condo common areas closer to the actual party. I have asked for all to bring their own food, drinks, and bathing suits for a day of sprinklers, kiddie pools, potluck, neighbors, friends, and beer!

I asked the neighbor that is our resident Grill Master to be in charge of all things grilled. Even though I have said this will be potluck, I want to be sure to provide enough for there to be too much food in attendance, so this is what I plan to bring to the table:

  • Brats, hot dogs, veggie burgers plus buns for all
  • Baked beans
  • Potato salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Coleslaw
  • Popsicles
  • Juice Boxes
  • Beer
  • LOTS of ice!

I will enlist our resident decorator to help with the decor, but I am thinking about a color scheme inspired by the Evite in the colors of these sweet tubs.  (These are from Target and can hold all of the icy beverages. They can each be used as center pieces to hold the table covers in place.) Also in these colors will be table covers, plates, cups, napkins. For the forks, knives and spoons – I always like to go with the clear plastic that can be reused for another party if not all are used. If I am feeling nutty, I may tie some balloons to these tubs to ad even more color and festiveness.


  • LOTS OF WATER-PLAY! A couple of pool options; either small cheap kiddie pools galore, or one big shared expense pool with a special filter that can be used all summer long. I think we will try the big one, but we will see. I may put a small sprinkler out for kids to run though, but am afraid of the run off and the wasted water, so not sure.
  • I am still playing around with this idea, but I might have a photo opportunity where kids (and adults, of course) can stick their head in a slot of a bigger photo and become part old Chicago somehow. (Gangsters, Firefighters, etc.) These photos can be posted on the condo Facebook site after the party.

The Family Dollar will be a trove of cheap and fun favors including bubbles, water guns, and beach balls. Sure would love to get some trucker hats made with the name of our condo on them. Ha! Wait, trucker hats are so Brittany Spears 2003, huh. Ah, well.

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