White Or Black Chair Rail?

Help me out, internet! I can’t decide weather or not to keep the chair rail in my dining room crispy white when I paint – or just paint the whole darn thing charcoal gray/black. I have once again borrowed sfgirlbybay’s dining room image to get an idea what both options could look like. I am leaning towards all black. What do you think???

6 thoughts on “White Or Black Chair Rail?

  1. I’m going to go all nerdy and say it depends on your architecture and overall look you’re going for… If you have a lot of molding and want it to stand out, paint it white, if you want it to blend, paint it black. If you use contrasting molding in other parts of the house, paint it white. Or if you want to use white trim all throughout your house to unify it, paint it white.

  2. That is very helpful, thank you both! I am still on the fence. My husband thinks white chair rail, but I am still leaning towards all black. Hmmmmm.

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