RIP Domino & Blueprint

Before my son was born almost two years ago – I would constantly rip ideas out of magazines that I loved. I would lovingly save those pages to look over again at another time. Then – an infant took over, and now a toddler. My head is still spinning a bit. For the first time in two years, I just sat down with my stack of ideas for inspiration on this site. Most of these pages that I am finding are ripped from Domino and Blueprint which have both folded since my son was born. It is the first time I have really felt their hole.

I love the internet, but I long for the short and beautifully curated magazine. There are many still in business that I love (I actually even work at one), but nothing has come close to filling the void left by the departure of those two.

I will keep looking. If you see any coming along – don’t hesitate to alert me!

2 thoughts on “RIP Domino & Blueprint

  1. I have like a gazillion binders & folders around the house that I can never find that contain ideas I pulled from various print sources & then I have twice as many ideas in bookmarks on my laptop and I can never decide do I gather all my paper ones & scan them into electronic format or do I print out all of my online & place them into a hardcopy form…what solution have you come up with?

  2. Good question! My solution is this blog. A place to keep ideas that come about. I won’t scan anything, but will include the best of what I see and links to things I find. I want to allow print and digital to live harmoniously in my life. I want to prove it can be done!

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